FitBit – A Healthy Moneymaker

Did you know you could make money with FitBit? The fitness activity tracker is actually a great way to make some extra money and earn rewards and prizes.  Will you get rich? No, but being able to earn money just for walking is a great motivator and your Fitbit will pay for itself! Check out these helpful links and tips below on how to get started making money with FitBit.

Walgreens Balance Rewards

Chances are you already use a Walgreens Balance Rewards card that gives you points for buying items where points=money  (5000 points=$5 off). If you have a FitBit or other activity tracker,  you can earn even more points! Just sync up your FitBit or other device and earn away. For walking you get 20 points/mile with a max of 1,000 points per month.

Pact (previously GymPact)

To use the Pact app, you commit to exercise for a certain number of days by logging in at a gym.  However, this app can also be synced with FitBit so if you make your step goal of 10,000+ per day it counts as meeting your exercise for the day.  When you sign up for a pact, you select a certain amount ($5 or $10) that is deducted from your credit card or PayPal account for each day you miss. If you hit your goal, then you get paid a reward ranging from 30 cents to $5 per week.  When you accumulate $10 you can request a payout that comes from the pool of money from people who didn’t make their pact.

BlueCross BlueShield’s Well onTarget

If you have BlueCross Blue Shield insurance check the “MyHealth” tab and see if you have Well onTarget available to you.  If so, you can get 55 points per day for having your FitBit synced.  If you use your FitBit daily that’s more than 20,000 points a year.  I accumulate the points and buy movies and other items on clearance from their online store and use it for Christmas and birthday presents. For example, last year I redeemed Alvin and the Chipmunks: Scare-riffic Double Feature for 1,566 points for Milla’s birthday.  She loved it and it was free for me!


After joining Leap4Life sync up your FitBit device, set goals, join events and challenges. You earn FitWell points, which can be redeemed for gift cards. As we mentioned before, If you compete in events and challenges and earn reward points, you’ll be able to quickly redeem them! You only need 2500 FitWell points for a $25 gift card! That only takes most users a few months!


AchieveMint is a website that gives you points based on healthy activities.  It can be used either on a desktop or as an iPhone app and you receive points for sleep, steps, food logs, etc.  Earn 10,000 points to be rewarded with a $10 check!

The great part with all of these is all I have to do is connect my device, sit back, and wait. There is no real work or maintenance involved.  I’m accumulating money and rewards at all these sites every day and I just have to try to make my 10,000 steps which is great motivation to take my kids for a walk or play some tag at the park.  Seriously, when’s the last time you played tag?  You’d be surprised how quickly those steps add up!

Author: SoleySurviving

Single mom and sole-provider for three wonderful little girls under the age of eight! Plus, we've added grandpa to our little family. :)

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