It’s Just Not Possible!

It’s funny how many times I’ve heard, “It’s just not possible”.  When people are trying to cut costs, when they have too much to do, when they have no time, no energy, or maybe when they’re just in a bad situation.  They say, “it’s just not possible to fix”.  It’s an easy thing to say.  When it was more than just me some people said to stick it out with where I was….to do it alone was just unfeasible. And after, many people have even said to me that it is impossible for a single mom to be the sole provider for three little people. Some people have said it as a compliment, however, others have this look in their eye like I must sell drugs on the side  (I blame Weeds…love that series) or have an inheritance of some kind if I wanted to survive.  I assure you I do not. I just work hard. All. The. Time.

lol. Okay, not all the time. I’m totally lying.  I take Saturdays to do fun stuff with my kids and even some weeknights! We go to the park, we do Twister, they love to Slip N Slide, we play Jenga, whatever makes these kids smile.  This weekend we’re having our first sleepover. Yeah, that’s right.  I’m inviting more kids over to my house. And I will be giving them popcorn. OMG. And if I feel really brazen, I’ll give those young ladies Play-doh and finger paints to get all over as well. That’s just my personality….GO BIG OR GO HOME!!

first jenga
Cici contemplating

Seriously, though, at one point in my life 8pm would be when I’d be getting ready to go out, socialize, and see the world.  Tonight, I’m utterly exhausted and multitasking: folding laundry, making dinner, watching the news, helping the girls bathe, playing Swagbucks videos on my laptop while my phone plays Perk TV, and most likely I will literally pass out while doing these things. No, really. It’s possible. It happens more than I’ll ever admit.


These are the days of my life.  And you know what? I’m exceptionally happy about it. Crazy, right? Let me be clear, I am  extremely fortunate and I’m here to tell you anything is possible. I truly adore my girls. I think they are the best thing that has ever happened to me (actually I’m biased…I think they’re the best thing that’s happened to the world).

My girls make every early morning, every late night, every bill, every struggle easier.  It doesn’t matter what dark days are ahead or what days we’ve sustained…we’re family.  And these struggles have made us a stronger and more powerful. Charles Darwin was a dropout, Jim Carey was homeless, Van Gogh sold few paintings while he was alive, JK Rowling was a penniless mom before Harry Potter, Marilyn Monroe was told she wasn’t pretty enough to model nor talented enough to be an actress, and the list goes on and on. You have to push through the rough moments in time.  Don’t quit. Don’t say “It’s too hard” or “It’s not possible”. It’s sooooooo possible.  Everything we go through, every bad day, every obstacle is worth it.

I survived, I persevered, and I am motivated to do better every day not only for these little people that I love so much, but for me. To prove to the world that I am extraordinary. The things I’ve survived don’t define who I am, but how I deal with them does.  That’s what I want my daughters to see and learn.

true strength

I wasn’t always so severe in cost cutting and family, but if I had been more diligent with my budget and my priorities before I wouldn’t have had to be so extreme now.  I got lazy. I got comfortable. I wasn’t challenged.  So to those of you going through hard times or difficult situations, please know that it’s not impossible. Just realize the opportunity for a better life is there, you just have to be willing to make some changes, step it up, believe in yourself, keep pressing forward, and don’t forget to have a little fun. Life is short and time flies.

mustache you
Mami mustache Milla a question





Author: SoleySurviving

Single mom and sole-provider for three wonderful little girls under the age of eight! Plus, we've added grandpa to our little family. :)

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