I’m a single mom from the Midwest.  I never intended nor planned to be a single mom, but due to some unfortunate life events it has become our life.  I have three wonderful daughters that I adore and wouldn’t trade for anything.  My life may be considered difficult by some, but we are “solely surviving”.  Sure I’d love for life to be easier for us (who wouldn’t want to win the lotto), but my daughters and I are all thriving.  Life on the planet is good!

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Meag, if you are recomending having kids in your life I’ll take all three, thank you very much! Mills, Cici and J are a credit to your perseverance and special brand of loving kindness extended to everyone you come into contact with. (My own personal bias not withstanding)

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  2. I just read about you and all that you’ve accomplished as a single mother in this day and age. Wanted to say you’re amazingly inspirational for overcoming the obstacles that many single mothers struggle with. Thank you for your bravery, determination & being an uplifting role model.

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  3. You are amazing. I’m a solo mom of a now 4, 6 and 6 year old after my husband ran into serious legal trouble 3.5 years ago and didn’t return home. 10 years of marriage down the drain leaving me to raise twin 2 year olds and 5 month old. We are now thriving and smiling more than ever.


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