Beauty On a Budget

I’m an extreme cheapskate.  However, you can’t penny pinch constantly without occasionally doing something nice for yourself.  If I run into something that I can do for me that doesn’t blow my budget, I’ll generally put it on my try it out list.  I’ve learned that if I don’t do something for me here and there it’s VERY easy to get burned out so I try to reward myself when I can.  Please note, though, that my beauty on a budget items are usually DIY type of things.  I don’t splurge on $300 purses or shoes and the ONLY time I might splurge on a spa day is if I found a Groupon/Promo for it.

Currently, I’m on a mission to lose baby weight and fit into my pre-baby clothes. Hence, my beauty on a budget finds at the moment are rewards for every 5 lbs I lose.  So far so good as Baby J is three months old now and I’m down 20 lbs.  I love her to pieces so I’ll forgive her for the extra junk in the trunk she left me with. 😉


Here are some of my “Beauty on a Budget” finds:

  1. Korean Foot Peel
  2. (beauty finds from eye lashes to hair color)

2 thoughts on “Beauty On a Budget”

  1. Don’t know if this appropriate to post so please delete if not.

    I just started reading your blog. When you are feeling down rember this, your babies are blessed to have you. I am a single father and I think my daughter needs her mother so much more than me. Mothers have a nurturing side that is so much more beneficial for the child’s development than a father does. So when they test you try and remeber how lucky they are to have you.

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    1. Thanks Robert. I’m feeling down today. Rough day. Have to have darkness to find the light sometimes. I’m blessed. I love my babies. Bu don’t downplay a fathers role; especially for little girls. Her sun rises and sets by her father. 🙂 I promise you, you mean so much more than you realize.*hugs*


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